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“a reverence for life, a love of place!”

Raise voice in support of the marginalised, the afflicted, the dispossessed and the homeless while never forgetting those who are in good spirit – lessen isolation and bring joy, making our communities a little more wholesome – advocate peace and harmony!

Infinite Odyssey is art that can best be collectively summed up as an emerging spiritual awareness or consciousness – it is undeniable, it is global and it is definitely gathering momentum.

The Evangelos Theorie is rock and it definitely has in-depth stories to share.
There is something of the activist about it.
Social commentary, protest and observation of the human condition are its wellspring.
This project is a progression from the last album Going Home.

Le Fun Grande (Covers Band)

You don’t need to be Parisian to get the name.
As it states FUN, big time, is a language of its own and it’s contagious!
Delivering with an almost jazz sensibility LFG plays R&B, Funk, Soul, Classics that detour around the clichés unless LFG can ‘un-cliché’ them as is its raison d’etre.
LFG is a four-piece base outfit with the capacity to expand to seven-piece and beyond subject to gig specs.